ACO Public Reporting

ACO Name and Location
Mosaic Life Care
5325 Faraon St.
St. Joseph, MO 64506

ACO Primary Contact
Linda Bahrke, RN, BSN, MAOM, FABC
(816) 271-1236 

Composition of ACO
Partnership arrangement between hospital and ACO professionals

ACO Participants
Mosaic Life Care at St. Joseph, Medical Center
Mosaic Life Care Clinic

Mosaic Life Care Board of Trustees Governing Body

Brian Andrew Bradley, Voting Member, Community representative
David George Howery, Voting Member, Community representative
Steven Chris Looney, MD, Voting Member, Community representative
Brenda R. Sharpe, Voting Member, Community representative
Serena Naylor, Voting Member, Community representative
Daniel James Heckman, Voting Member, Community representative
John P. Olson, MD, Voting Member, Practitioner Mosaic Life Care Clinic
Steven Douglas Schram, Voting Member and Chairman, Community representative
Barbara E. Wurtzler, Voting Member and Vice-Chairman, Medicare Beneficiary
Adam Stein, Voting Member, Community representative
Bradley K. McAnally, Voting Member, Community representative
Dennis Charles Dobyan, MD, Voting Member, Community representative. 

Mark Laney, MD, Voting Member CEO of Mosaic Life Care at St. Joseph, Medical Center, ACO Executive

Mosaic Life Care at St. Joseph, Medical Center
ACO Committees and Key Leadership Personnel

Healthcare Transformation Committee: Linda Bahrke, Chair
Evidenced Based Medicine Committee: Vikas Agarwal, MD, Chair
Population Health Management: Milisa Suckow, Chair
ACO Care Management Committee: Randy Thomas, Chair

Aggregate Amount of Shared Savings/Losses

Earned Performance Premium Year 1: $5,013,020
Earned Performance Premium Year 2: $2,064,318
Earned Performance Premium Year 3: ($697,450)

Shared Savings Distribution Targets

Heartland plans to use shared savings to fund incentive payments for employed, high-performing physicians and Advance Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), to reimburse for past investment in and continued enhancement of ACO infrastructure, and to enhance the new health care delivery model.

  • Reinvest in Infrastructure: 50%
  • Distribution to ACO Participants: 50%
    • Primary Care Providers 40%
    • Hospital 60%

See more information on how to interpret scores on the above quality performance measures.