4th Grade Challenge Fall 2013

4th Grade Challenge Fall 2013

4th Grade ChallengeThis health improvement event teaches local 4th graders about the importance of proper nutrition, adequate exercise and healthy habits such as being smoke free. Statistics have shown that when children reach this age, they begin to make choices and adopt habits that will last for their entire lives. For this reason, we want to influence students in positive ways to ensure they have the knowledge necessary to make healthy habits and life choices in the future.

Students track their daily activities such as nutrition, exercise, tooth brushing, wearing a seatbelt, family outings, doing homework, reading and more, in a journal we provide to them. They receive points for all the activities they do and earn a prize at the end of each week. Prizes include jump ropes, water bottles, stocking hats, calculators, nutrition guides/booklets and a 4th Grade Challenge t-shirt.

The 4th Grade Challenge began in 2008 and over the years has expanded into all 16 public elementary schools. The Community Health Needs Assessment we completed in 2013 identified adult and childhood obesity as one of the health needs in our community. One of the ways we want to continue this effort is to expand the 4th Grade Challenge. Therefore, we plan to expand to private schools in St. Joseph and also public schools in the surrounding areas such as Savannah, Amazonia and Helena.

Heartland Health strives to make St. Joseph and the surrounding area the healthiest place in America to live a healthy and productive life. The 4th Grade Challenge is one of our programs that helps us achieve this goal.

Please email Ryan Heldenbrand if you are interested in volunteering for the upcoming semester of the 4th Grade Challenge.

4th Grade Challenge4th Grade Challenge