4th Grade Challenge Fall 2015

4th Grade Challenge Fall 2015

KC Wolf visited local students at the 4th Grade Challenge.

Kansas City Chiefs ambassadors visited local students at the 4th Grade Challenge.

The 4th Grade Challenge wrapped up this week with visits from KC Wolf and Kansas City Chiefs ambassadors. These special guests help reinforce the messages of health, exercise and nutrition taught to students during this eight-week program.

The 4th Grade Challenge, in its eighth year, teaches students about ways to combat obesity, such as proper nutrition, adequate exercise and healthy habits, such as staying smoke free. Statistics have shown that at this age, children start to develop habits (both good and bad) they will have for the rest of their lives. Mosaic Life Care believes that by influencing students in a healthy way now, we will empower them to Live Life Well in the future.

As you may know, the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) identified the top three health needs in St. Joseph. They were mental health services, access to health resources and education and adult and childhood obesity. Because of this feedback on the CHNA, last year Mosaic Life Care expanded the 4th Grade Challenge to eight additional area schools including St. James, St. Francis, Cathedral and St. Paul Lutheran schools in St. Joseph and John Glenn, Amazonia, Helena and Minnie Cline elementary schools in the Savannah School District. Last year, the program also expanded to St. Joseph Christian School and Avenue City Elementary.

In total, Mosaic Life care will visit 26 schools each year. The 4th Grade Challenge returns in January 2016 for the Spring semester.

Please email Claire Clark at claire.clark@mymlc.com if you are interested in volunteering for the 4th Grade Challenge.