St. Joseph Community Health Needs Assessment

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Following best practice as specified by the Missouri Hospital Association, we gathered information for the second Community Health Needs Assessment from a variety of sources:

Community Survey

A community survey was conducted to determine the health need priorities, according to the opinion of individuals in Mosaic Life Care’s service area. The survey was administered by LAN Resources, LLC.

Focus Groups

To complete the qualitative aspect of the data gathering associated with community health needs, the query was introduced to six focus groups comprised of community members, including those with broad interests and those with special knowledge of the subject. Mosaic Life Care recruited internal participants and LAN Resources, LLC, recruited all external participants and moderated each group.

Analysis of Existing Data

Several groups have survey data concerning health issues. A scorecard was developed from the existing data to factor in when determining the primary community health needs. To monitor our success in improving the health of the community, we have been gathering our own population health data for more than 25 years. The health scorecard represents the most current data, from December 2015, more than three more current than data available from national sources. 

We analyzed a wide variety of data in each of these areas. Below is a list of data sources used.

  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) PQI (prevention quality indicators)
  • Missouri Department of Health
  • Local Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) (
  • State BRFSS
  • Missouri Hospital Association (MHA) report: Assessing the Health of Our Communities
  • County Health Rankings
  • University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute
  • St. Joseph Health Department.
  • American Community Survey (ACS)
  • Missouri Economic Research and Information Center (MERIC)

The Primary Health Issues

By combining the data from the community survey, external data sources and the community focus groups, the top three community health needs were determined:

  • Access to affordable health care and medication
  • Adult and childhood obesity
  • Mental Health services

Prior Community Benefit Reporting

In FY15, Mosaic Life Care made a total community investment of $38,200,230. Sponsorships were aligned to the CHNA and the following is a breakdown of community bene t contributions – of the $1,092,175 spent, 96 percent, or $1,048,488 supported programs to help with the primary health needs. 

Community Connect

Mosaic Life Care’s role is much more than a hospital. We are a fully engaged community partner in addressing the health and social issues in our region. We recognize that the major health problems of our community are based in social determinates of health:

Social determinants that a ect access to health care (Healthy People 2020 framework)

  • Economic Stability
  • Education
  • Neighborhood and Built Environment
  • Social and community context

To better impact these social determinates of health that represent a barrier to access to care and adopting healthy habits, Mosaic Life Care is introducing Community Connect program for population health. Community Connect is a Request for Proposal (RFP) process in which non-profit community organizations may apply for funding to implement innovative programs that address one or more of the three primary health needs as determined by the recently completed Community Health Needs Assessment.

CHNA Action Plan

2019 - 2022 Implementation Strategy and Action Plan

2017 - 2019 Implementation Strategy and Action Plan

To fully meet the needs specified by the CHNA research results, Mosaic Life Care will implement a three-year action plan.

Access to affordable health care and medication

  • Support Community Connect programs that address access to care
  • Provide a clinic with enhanced services for our most vulnerable populations.

Adult and childhood obesity

  • Continue and expand current health improvement programs
  • Support Community Connect programs that address obesity prevention

Mental Health Services

  • Support Community Connect programs that address mental health needs.
  • Continue to provide financial support to organizations providing mental health support to the community. 

If you would like to have a representative from Mosaic Life Care come to your business or organization to share about the Community Health Needs Assessment, please email Joey Austin at