Mosaic Life Care National Institutes

The Problem

National InstitutesAs an industry, we are facing unprecedented change based on a host of significant external and internal pressures to meet quality, safety, cost and satisfaction imperatives. Despite our best efforts, our industry is making few gains to improve the health and well-being of the communities and regions we serve.

In the midst of an increasingly complex environment, what are the solutions?

At Mosaic Life Care, formerly Heartland Health, we believe that a critical mass of highly engaged leaders, physicians and caregivers will be our success differentiator. No longer can solutions fall solely to the C-Suite. No longer can solutions be created inside narrow organizational functions. And the inherent barriers that create tension and organizational drag among leaders, providers and the front line, have to be brought down.

Today’s focus has to be on working together to meet the collective needs of our community members. Scan the vision and mission statements of almost any health-care organization in the country — most focus on improving the health and well-being of communities and regions they served. But look a little closer at most operational activity — the majority of initiatives are focused on improving quality, safety and cost to serve the needs of acute care and chronically ill patients. How do we create alignment between our operational activity and our mission and visions to fully meet the health and well-being needs of all individuals in our service areas?

The Solution

The Mosaic Life Care Institute has been created to share our health-care innovation journey to reimagine health care through evidence-based leadership. Our current work has been enabled by our continuous investment in performance improvement and quality, our strong financial results, more than a decade of commitment to population health, provider engagement and most importantly — highly committed leaders, physicians and caregivers.

We offer immersive learning experiences designed to not only share our successes and lessons learned, but to inspire your own work to improve the health, well-being and lives of your workforce and those you serve. Our offerings are available onsite at our beautiful Life Center at Mosaic Life Care at Shoal Creek in Kansas City, Mo., or at your own facilities. Our faculty is comprised of the leaders, providers and caregivers who are integrally involved in our life care transformation work.

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