Students to Careers

AHEC Career Enhancement Scholars ACES

ACES is a comprehensive career planning and assistance program for high school sophomores through college students who wish to be the best prepared candidates for competitive healthcare degree programs and hope to join the Missouri healthcare workforce. Over the course of the program, students are expected to engage in workshops, skill building, shadowing, service, academic learning and career planning with the support of AHEC staff. The minimum expectation is 40 hours per year; most ACES exceed the minimum standards. View more information on ACES Program Content and Workshops.

To be eligible for the NWMO ACES program, complete a Jumpstart your Healthcare Career event with a local AHEC Recruitment Coordinator. Jumpstart events are held throughout the year. To request an application or more information, email or call 816-271-6769. 

Thanks to local support, the northwest Missouri fees are $60 for a Jumpstart and $250 for each full year of ACES high school activity. College students pay $100 per year, plus workshop/supplies fees.  Scholarships and sponsorships are available. The fees cover workshop supplies, specimens, meals, access to learning modules, personal career planning, and more. Additional fees for travel to a professional school or event, such as a medical school or an overnight student conference, may be requested.


Northwest Missouri AHEC Pipeline

High school students, college students and adults may register to join the Northwest Missouri AHEC Pipeline. Students receive newsletters and event invitations to explore healthcare careers and education. Register for the Pipeline by submitting the participant form. To find out about our programs, check with your school counselor or contact a NWMO AHEC Recruitment Coordinator.


Pipeline Workshops

High school students, college students and adults may join the Northwest Missouri AHEC Pipeline to attend career exploration workshops. To find out about our programs, check with your school counselor or contact a NWMO AHEC Recruitment Coordinator.

Shadowing Opportunities

NWMO AHEC staff provides assistance for students who want to shadow in a healthcare setting. Contact a NWMO AHEC Recruitment Coordinator to learn more about shadowing opportunities in the region. Complete the online training and download the AHEC shadowing packet at Job Shadowing.

Building a Portfolio

We designed the Portfolio for Building an Application to Medical School to help students create an impressive health professions school application. This four-year workbook allows students to fill in and save records of progress in course work and the other activities expected of students at these levels.  In addition, we provide information regarding medical school selection, the application process, and financing a medical education.  If you have any questions about using this document or your application to medical school, please contact NWMO AHEC Recruitment Coordinator.

Health Career Presentations

AHEC staff offers healthcare career presentations to middle and high schools throughout the 19-county region. These presentations focus on the variety of careers available in healthcare, specific information regarding healthcare jobs, health profession schools and how to pursue them. We also work with college health career clubs or interest groups in the pre-medical, pre-dental and nursing areas. To request a presentation, please contact a NWMO AHEC Recruitment Coordinator.