Why did you choose to become a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant?

I became interested in sports medicine because it is a specialty where the patient is motivated to get back on the field. The athlete needs me right away and I can help them hopefully, get better quickly and back to their sport.

Why Mosaic Life Care?

Mosaic Life Care is a growing health system expanding their sports medicine practice – what a great opportunity to be a part of this program from the ground level. While I have been a part of start up programs before, the enthusiasm here makes this especially exciting.



Procedures and Diagnosis


  • Growth plate apophysis and epiphysis injuries (overuse injuries)
  • Muscle/ligament/tendon injury – sprains, strains and acute injuries
  • Back Pain – muscular and stress fracture
  • Knee Pain – acute injury, trauma, overuse, growth issues
  • Overuse bone injury – stress fracture, acute fracture, bone bruises
  • Growth concerns
  • Exercise induced asthma/bronchoconstriction

Education and Certifications

University of Health Sciences, Kansas City, MO

American Board of Pediatrics

University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS

Deaconess Health System, St. Louis, MO

Office Locations