Celebrate Your Care

DonateThe caregivers and physicians at Mosaic Life Care are blessed to have been entrusted with your care or the care of one of your family members. Our dedicated caregivers at Mosaic Life Care strive to provide all patients with best and safest care that is delivered with respect and compassion. Every day we receive praise for our caregivers, entire care teams, or programs the hospital offers. Patients and family members often ask how they can thank their doctors, nurses, technicians, therapists, dietitians, or any other members of our health care team. 

The Celebrate Your Care Program offers an opportunity to honor a caregiver or team of caregivers who made a difference for one of our patients. If you have a story you would like to share, or if you would like to express your gratitude through a charitable gift that helps to enhance the patient and family experience at Mosaic Life Care, then please tell us your story.

We look forward to hearing your story honoring an extraordinary nurse, physician, caregiver or technician, chaplain or volunteer, an attentive dietitian, a cheerful housekeeper or a supportive care team. The caregivers you name will be notified of your story or a charitable gift made in their honor.