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We deliver the economic value you expect from a leader in the occupational medicine industry. We know your time, and your employee’s time, is valuable. Our streamlined process averages 30 minutes from the time you enter to the time you leave. Our extensive menu of services and programs tailored to your unique business allows us to provide you with services others in the region simply can’t match. Customized treatment, testing, referral and billing options are built to your specifications, and we offer around the clock services others don’t:

  • Occupational Medicine Physician
  • 24 hour work injury treatment available after clinic hours at Mosaic Life Care Urgent Care and Emergency Room
  • Case Managers
  • Nurse Call Line – 24 hours
  • Drug Testing – 24 hours

Substance Abuse Team

Drug–related accidents are costly and dangerous. Mosaic Life Care has a Substance Abuse Team that will respond on-site or in the life care center for substance abuse testing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. An extensive menu of substance-abuse services allows our team to customize a program to meet your needs.

Our drug and alcohol program is complete with DOT certified collectors, an in–house MRO for consultation and a certified Substance Abuse Professional. Employee Assistance Program referrals are also available to meet your company’s needs.

Injury Treatment and Management
It’s the call no employer wants to receive — an on-the-job injury. Mosaic Life Care makes post-injury care simple and convenient. Injured employees need no appointment — we make spaces available for them. We provide around the clock care for your employees any time, day or night. You will be notified immediately of the injured employee’s condition and work status.

Mosaic Life Care’s professionally licensed and registered teams are experts in workers compensation. We analyze the impact of workers compensation laws on each case as we consider treatment plans, particularly with respect to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordable injuries.

We work with the insurers, nurse case managers and you, the employer, to implement processes aimed at rapid access, treatment and referral. Returning your employee to good health and productive work as soon and as safely as possible is our priority. And we make it as stress free as possible at a time when everyone needs just that.

Making the right decisions from day-one
Pre-placement exams
Through pre-placement (post offer) exams and job matching, you protect current and future employees from avoidable injuries. Mosaic Life Care provides you with a customized program to assess employees based on the specific needs of your workforce. We help you ensure proper placement through a complete, modern range of services utilizing Essential Function Testing and Job Analysis:

  • Make placement recommendations to ensure successful staffing and negate risk for the employer
  • Establish a time line for medical assessment in the event a claim is made later
  • An in-depth discovery of the essential functions of a position, and customizable physical exams specific to that position
  • Recommendations on physical and mental state of an ideal employee
  • Ergonomic study of the mechanics of the position.
  • Recommendations from a specialist on what abilities are needed for the position
  • It is our goal to prevent accidents and injuries before they occur

Beyond the ‘Every Day’
Mosaic Life Care also provides services for employees who are frequent travelers. We offer international business travel immunizations and medical information related to your travel destinations. We can even analyze personal ergonomic needs for your specific business travel profile, including training to ensure you have a productive business environment in the air, on land, or at sea.

PCP-Physical Capacity Profile®
Matching physical abilities to the physical demands of a job, creating a cost-effective, efficient work force.

The Physical Capacity Profile® Testing System helps employers by:

  • Reducing injuries by ensuring employees have the physical strength to safely perform their job responsibilities.
  • Reducing workers compensation exposure by documenting impairments that an employee brings with them to the workplace, per the American Medical Association (AMA) Guides.
  • Providing pre-injury baseline measurements on an employee allowing treating professionals to expedite the rehabilitation process.

Benefits of the Physical Capacity Profile® Testing System

  • $1 spent testing returns $6 — 8 in direct medical cost savings to employers
  • 10% to 30% decrease in workers compensation premiums to employers
  • 30% decrease in workers compensation injury rates
  • Job re-engineering to expand the pool of qualified workers
  • Increase in worker morale and productivity

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