Who do you fight for?

Lee fought for her kids, family and friends, but mostly, she fought for herself.

 I fight for ME

After moving from St. Joseph to Kansas City in 2014, Lee was diagnosed with breast cancer. Having seen her mother go through breast cancer treatment at Mosaic Life Care 12 years before her own diagnosis, Lee knew she wanted her treatment at Mosaic Life Care, too. Today, Lee is cancer–free and enjoying a full life because she was as committed to beating breast cancer for herself as she was for her loved ones.

“I fought for my kids, my family and my friends. But mostly, I fought for me.”

Lynette was motivated to fight breast cancer by her daughter, Wynter.

 We fight for US

Thanks to early detection, Lynette was diagnosed with breast cancer after a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy. After her diagnosis, the Cancer Care team at Mosaic Life Care assured her they were on her side and ready to help her fight to survive. Lynette stayed strong throughout her treatment due, in large part, to the love and support of her daughter, Wynter.

“Staying active with my daughter made all the difference in the world in my recovery process. I realized life is happening now, and I couldn’t just let it go by.”

Dr. Juliet Appiah fights alongside her patients because of her experience with the loss of her aunt to breast cancer.

 I fight for YOU

Juliet Appiah, MD is an oncologist at Mosaic Life Care. Her personal story fuels her passion to treat breast-cancer patients. Dr. Appiah lost her aunt to the disease due to a lack of awareness and understanding about how treatable it truly is. She's dedicated her professional life to taking care of cancer patients, and as a woman, she has a unique perspective about how to relate to the emotional aspects of breast cancer treatment.

“Sometimes patients just need someone to hope with them and support them emotionally. If you want to fight that fight, I will fight with you.”

Early Detection Saves Lives

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