The Hospice Standard of Care

The goal of Mosaic Life Care Hospice is to provide the best quality of care possible for persons who are terminally ill and offer supportive care for their loved ones. The great majority of Hospice patients are able to remain in their own homes with the care and support services offered by Hospice. Pain and symptom control are the top priorities of Hospice, assuring that patients have a comfortable, peaceful and natural death. The sooner hospice care is started, the more effective the Hospice team will be in assuring quality of life in the remaining months and weeks. Hospice patients are encouraged to retain control over the decisions affecting their lives. Hospice care is based on patient choice, and services are tailored to fit the wishes and needs of each patient and family.

Hospice Promises:

  • To manage pain.
  • To meet emotional and spiritual needs.
  • To provide support and help for your loved ones in a difficult time.
  • To help you live fully, with comfort, dignity, and peace until the end of life.
  • To help you die at home or in a setting of comfort and peace.

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