StealthStation® technology

How do you not only find a needle in a haystack but also find the needle and remove it without disturbing any of the hay? StealthStation® technology at Mosaic Life Care allows surgeons to do just that, extract a tumor without disturbing precious brain tissue. StealthStation image-guided surgery enables surgeons to isolate the exact location of the brain tumor through complex mapping technology. Prior to surgery, Neurosurgeon's build a 3-D model of the patient's unique anatomy. This sophisticated process locates and maps a tumor's size and exact location within the brain.

The neurosurgeon then knows the precise path needed to remove the tumor without disrupting other delicate brain tissue. StealthStation technology just another way Mosaic Life Care is providing you the most advanced medical treatment.

StealthStation technology's benefits also include:

  • Smaller incisions shorten recovery time and reduce post-surgical complications.
  • Precise targeting of tumors lessens the time needed for surgery.
  • Greater accuracy delivering long-term results with less need for repeat surgery.