State-of-the-Art Cancer Technology

Your trust and hope fuel our dedication and commitment to provide the latest, cutting-edge technology for treating cancer. By exploring new options and advancements, we continually bring state-of-the-art solutions to help in your or a loved one's fight against cancer.

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Understanding the Technology

Because cancer comes in many different forms, Mosaic Life Care offers you a variety of advanced treatment solutions.

High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy - a radiation therapy where a radiation source is delivered directly to the skin cancer for a certain amount of time. This treatment option can help patients avoid surgery for cancer on the face and ears. It is a noninvasive and quick outpatient procedure that usually results in minimal to no scarring.

TrueBeam Linear Accelerator – the most advanced radiation therapy machine available. It is very fast and has precision accuracy to target the tumor and avoid healthy tissue. The patient experiences shorter treatment times and is more comfortable.

CT Scanner – also known as a CAT Scanner, is an advanced imaging machine used in new cancer treatment cases to provide a map of the patient’s body to help plan radiation treatment, target the tumor, avoid healthy tissue, and minimize side effects.

HyperArc Stereotactic Radiotherapy (coming soon) – a high definition radiotherapy breakthrough for treating brain tumors that is fast, and highly accurate. HyperArc allows brain tumors to be treated individually, rather than treating the whole brain, which decreases side effects.

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