Dietitian Services

St. Joseph

Rebecca Bucher, RD, received her Bachelor's of Nutritional Sciences degree in Dietetics from the University of Missouri in Columbia. While there, she also completed a supervised dietetic internship and began her career as a Registered Dietitian with Mosaic Life Care in 2014. Since then, she has worked with the Outpatient program, developing her counseling skills and focusing on helping people achieve and maintain the weight loss they desire. Rebecca continues to use her expertise in weight management by providing individual and group nutrition counseling and support to every patient at Mosaic Life Care.

Rebecca Bucher, RD
Outpatient Dietitian Services
Plaza 1, Suite 220
802 N. Riverside Road
St. Joseph, MO 64507

For more information, email Rebecca at or call (816) 271-7850.

Kansas City Northland

Abby is a Registered Dietitian trained in the art of Integrative Nutrition. She works with clients who are looking to improve their quality of health through nutrition and lifestyle changes. She takes a holistic and functional approach to target the root cause of symptoms and make lasting changes. She works with patients who have suffered from chronic disease and those who are looking for disease prevention.

Abby utilizes functional lab tests to identify underlying nutrition issues that may contribute to poor health. She helps clients create personalized nutrition plans built on whole foods and targeted nutrition supplements.

Abby Stanley, MS, RD, LD
Integrative and Functional Nutritionist
The Spa at Briarcliff
4133 N Mulberry Dr
Kansas City, Missouri