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Virtual House Calls

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Virtual House Calls

As a Mosaic Life Care patient, you can see a doctor or nurse practitioner face-to-face — without ever leaving home. Scheduling a Virtual House Call is the quick, easy way to get answers when you are unable to visit your doctor.

When to Use a Virtual House Call

Request a Virtual House Call when you are experiencing a minor, non-emergency condition and are unable to visit your doctor.

Virtual House Calls are perfect for:

  • Colds
  • Sinus infections
  • Earaches
  • Minor urinary tract infections
  • Skin rashes
  • Allergies
  • Pink eye
  • Other non-emergency conditions

Virtual House Calls are not appropriate for:

  • Emergencies — call 911
  • Urgent conditions — see your doctor
  • Maternity care
  • Children under the age of 18
  • Conditions requiring narcotics or controlled substances
  • Follow-up visits that should be done with your doctor
  • Severe or urgent conditions

If a Virtual House Call is not right for you, learn more about choosing the right care at the right time.

Virtual House Calls are Simple and Convenient


What Patients are Saying

“The Virtual House Call was extremely easy to use. And being able to talk to a doctor on my lunch hour is perfect for my busy schedule. When I am feeling under the weather, I like being able to be in my bed with my chicken noodle soup and tissue box near by, rather than being at a doctor’s office.”

-Lindsay, Mosaic Life Care patient

Scheduling a Virtual House Call

If you are a Mosaic Life Care patient, simply register for or log into the myMosaic Portal to request a Virtual House Call, and a caregiver will contact you.* It’s that easy!

If you are not a current patient, schedule a wellness visit with a Mosaic Life Care doctor or nurse practitioner at one of our locations. Once you’re a patient, you can register for the myMosaic Portal and schedule a Virtual House Call.

Follow these simple steps to start taking advantage of Virtual House Calls at Mosaic Life Care:

Step 1: Become a Mosaic Life Care patient.
Step 2: Register for the myMosaic Portal.
Step 3: Make sure your medical records are linked to your myMosaic Portal account.
Watch the video to learn how to connect your medical record to your portal account.
Step 4: Follow the instructions in the myMosaic Portal to schedule a Virtual House Call.

Need help? See our detailed instructions.

DISCLAIMER: *Please Note: Medical records must be linked to your myMosaic Portal account. Virtual House Calls cost $50 per visit and may not be covered by insurance. Virtual House Calls are supported on iOS 6.0+, Android (select 4.0.3 devices and up), Windows Vista or later and on Mac platforms (connecting devices must have a webcam and microphone installed). Links to mobile apps are located on the Virtual House Call section of the myMosaic Portal. Missouri Law requires that you be an established patient prior to a Virtual House Call.

Register or log in to myMosaic Portal to schedule a Virtual House Call.