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Mosaic Life Care offers fully integrated on-site workplace health and wellness solutions that will help lower health-care costs and increase productivity among your employees. We will design a customized program to fit your organization's unique needs to maximize results.

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Interested in what your return on investment could look like? Read our case studies about how Mosaic Life Care Business Solutions have been successfully implemented and created real, positive change in different organizations.

  • An introduction to telemedicine

    Watch this quick video to discover just how simple and convenient telemedicine visits are.

  • About Mosaic Life Care Business Solutions

    Mosaic Life Care offers a comprehensive set of on-site workspace health and wellness solutions that will help lower health-care costs and raise productivity among employees. These solutions are customizable to address each employer's unique health-care needs to maximize results.

    Our workplace health solutions give you and your employees an affordable, predictable way to receive near-site or on-site health care and achieve significant cost savings.

  • Benefits Of Utilizing Business Solutions

    For Employers

    • Control and reduce heath-care costs.
    • Maximize employee productivity.
    • Reduce employee absenteeism.
    • Decrease rates of illness and injury.
    • Improve employee morale.
    • Solidify a recruitment and retention advantage.
    • Commit to a culture of health and enhanced corporate image. 

    For Employees

    • Lower out-of-pocket health-care costs.
    • Increase well-being, self-image and self-esteem.
    • Improve overall wellness and health status.
    • Lower costs for acute health issues.
    • Lower out-of-pocket costs for health-care services.
    • Increase access to health-promotion resources and social support.
    • Improve job satisfaction.
    • Safer and more supportive work environment.

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