After Bypass Surgery: Driving and Social Activities

As you feel stronger, you can go out and do more. At first, keep activities to about an hour. And remember that it's OK to leave early or ask visitors to go home so you can rest.

Man playing a card game with another person.

Here are some social activities you could choose:

  • Doing crafts, such as painting or knitting

  • Playing cards and other table games

  • Taking a walk with friends

  • Going to a shopping mall

  • Going to a movie, play, or sports event

A word about driving

For your own safety and the safety of others, do not drive until your doctor says you can. There are several reasons for this:

  • Your reaction time is slower until you regain your strength. The medicines you take may also slow your reaction time.

  • If you're on medicine to keep your blood pressure low, you could become dizzy or pass out behind the wheel.

  • If you were to be in a crash, hitting the steering wheel could damage your breastbone.