Heartland Health Presents K-JO 105.5 Pound Plunge 9

Heartland Health Presents K-JO 105.5 Pound Plunge 9

THIS IS AN ARTICLE ABOUT THE 2014 POUND PLUNGE THAT TOOK PLACE JANUARY - MARCH OF 2014. If you are interested in participating in the 2015 Pound Plunge starting in January 2015 please visit www.takethepoundplunge.com.

December 27, 2013

St. Joseph, Mo. — The K-JO 105.5 Pound Plunge presented by Heartland Health is a FREE 12-week weight loss program. Pound Plunge began in 2006 helping thousands of people shed more than 90,000 pounds. This year, the program is expected to exceed the 100,000 pounds lost mark. Participants may register for the event at www.takethepoundplunge.com. Registration deadline is Sunday, January 5 with the kickoff weigh in on Tuesday, January 7, 2013 at the St. Joseph Rec Center.

Through the Community Health Needs Assessment completed this year, the community identified adult and childhood obesity as one of the top three health needs in our area. With this year’s theme of Little Changes Add Up, Heartland Health and K-JO 105.5 will be helping people understand that even making small changes or losing a small amount of weight can improve overall health and lead to further healthy lifestyle choices.

Recognizing those changes is one of the new features of Pound Plunge 9 as there will be more prizes (more than 50); an online tracking tool to allow participants to track their progress, nutrition, weight and exercise, as well as ask questions of personal trainers and dietitians; and for those who chose, text reminders for weigh ins and exercise opportunities. The Pound Plunge Facebook page is also available to provide motivation and support at www.facebook.com/takethepoundplunge.

The Pound Plunge Celebration will be held Saturday, April 12, at the St. Joseph Rec Center in combination with the Heartland Health Day of Dance event.

For further Pound Plunge information, please visit takethepoundplunge.com.