Breast Center of Excellence

Breast Care Center of Excellence

Mosaic Life Care - Breast Care is dedicated to building a community of breast cancer survivors through early detection and access to nationally accredited (National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers, NAPBC) breast cancer care. We are committed to providing the best and safest care to our breast health patients.    

Our personalized approach focuses on treating the whole person by designing individualized plans of care that include physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health for our patients and their loved ones. 

The Mayo Clinic difference

Receiving breast cancer care at Mosaic Life Care means more than receiving comprehensive treatment from some of the best caregivers in the region. Mosaic Life Care’s membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network means that your care team has access to the specialists of Mayo Clinic — helping to bring Mayo Clinic's expertise closer to home. Additionally, our doctors can participate in weekly Mayo Clinic Breast eTumor Board conferences to discuss the management of complex cancer cases with a multidisciplinary panel of Mayo Clinic experts and other members of the network.

Mosaic Life Care is a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network

Personalized Care

There isn’t one treatment approach that is right for everyone, that is why our team will work with each patient and their family to develop a treatment plan that is custom to meet their specific needs. The following are some of the ways that our doctors work to provide a plan that is right for YOU:

  • Patient orientation
  • Tumor board – every patient has their diagnosis and treatment plan reviewed by a team of doctors from different backgrounds to ensure the best plan of care.
  • Genetic Counseling for EVERY patient
  • Personalized care close to home
  • Care coordination
  • A team approach to care
  • Comprehensive education and support resources for symptom management (especially fatigue)
  • Care monitoring and quality improvement
  • Treatment plans based on evidence-based treatment guidelines
  • Clinical research and new treatment options
  • Follow-up care and survivorship care plans

National Accreditation Program For Breast Centers


Cancer Research – Advancing Care

Mosaic Life Care offers our patients the opportunity to be a part of potentially changing how cancer is treated, by participating in clinical trials and research programs. While you receive evidence-based care, you can also participate in research that advances cancer care and be a part of impacting the future of cancer care.

Getting a second opinion

If you have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and are interested in getting a second opinion consultation with one of our doctors, contact us at (816) 271-7465

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